Youth Group

St. George Parish has a very active Youth Group with a multitude of activites for youth of every age!

Some of the activities that the Youth Group sponsors throughout the year are:

Family Bingo, Living Stations of the Cross, Lenten Sandwich Outreach, Annual Parish Play, Bible Camp, Neighborhood Clean-up Day, Cookie Bakes for the homebound, Summer Crafs forthe homebound, Arasapha Farms annual Hautned Hayride, Corn Maze and Bates Motel, Halloween Gathering, Pumpkin Decorating Contest, Live Nativity, Baby Baptised, Easter Egg Hunt, Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show, Graduation Mass and Picnic, and various other collection drives as needed throughout the year.

Our youth are the future of our church! As parents and peers, it is important for us to encourage, support and nuture their faith. One way to do this is through community involvement. We encouarge your paritipcation. Volunteers are always needed and welcome to help us with these special events. Parents are welcome to join us as well.

Our youth programs are directed and supported by our Youth Minister, Mrs. Christine Guidetti. If you any questions about upcoming activities and events, please contact Chris at 610-237-1633, ext. 125.

                                            Our Bible Camp Participants and Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim and Indians




Baby Hats for the Newborn

Bible Camp Activities
Living Stations of the Cross