Catholic Education

Saint George Parish Elementary School closed in 2005. Students who are parishioners of St. George Parish that choose a Catholic school education have the option of attending Blessed Virgin Mary School in Darby, St. Eugene in Primos, Holy Cross in Springfield, Notre Dame in Swarthmore, St. James Regional in Ridley Park, or Our Lady of Angels in Morton.

As a registered parishioner of St. George Parish, tuition assistance is still offered to you through the Parish Subsidy Program if you choose a Catholic education for your child/children. St. George Parish will foward a subsidy payment of $1,000 to the Catholic school your child will be attending to assist you with tuition if the following requirements are met:

     First, and most importantly, you must be attending Mass regularly. Children learn what they
     live, and you, as parents, are their primary educators.

     Second, you must use your weekly Sunday envelope. We do not ask for a specific amount,
     just that you use your envelopes each week according to your means. If you forget your
     envelope, temporary envelopes are available at the doors of the church.

This Subsidy payment also enables you to pay the lowest tuition possible (in-parish rate).

If you have any questions about the Parish Subsidy, please contact Mrs. Mary Ann Zeller at 610-237-1633, ext. 104. For the convenience of our parents, we have attached a copy of the Parish Subsidy Requirement Form. Please click here to obtain this form.